Positive Internet

12 July 2007

Totally unpaid plug for Positive Internet, internet service company extraordinaire. Not only did they host the very funny Ricky Gervais podcasts last year, but they’ve come to the aid of Ben Goldacre’s pseudoscience-busting Bad Science site, which was on the brink of ISP collapse. Bad Science is one of my must-reads, and so I am grateful. PI seem to be a pretty decent bunch.


  1. Thank you for your kind comments. It’s quite funny: my wife gave me a call at the office about Dr Ben’s anguished post, and I contacted him. We’ve bailed out other such sites without much notice, but this time, virtually the whole of our support team got excited. It seems almost everyone in the company was reading badscience.net! It’s a good sign for those who sometimes feel that pseudoscience and woowoo has the upper hand in public discourse. There clearly are plenty of people who revel in the truth.


    Nick Mailer
    The Positive Internet Co. Ltd.

  2. *You’re* the new internet provider for Bad Science. I salute you Sir!

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