Apologies to all my Turkish readers

21 August 2007

WordPress blogs have been blocked in Turkey.

Adnan Oktar, the lead guy in Turkey’s significant and growing creationist movement, has made use of that country’s strong laws against defamation and convinced a Turkish court to ban all WordPress blogs. This was done because some a few of the blogs on it said mean things about Oktar and his literalist religious views.


  1. Adnan Oktar is not only a creationist. He is a known anti-semite who have published books on the subject. He also runs a highly questionable cult, mostly made up young rich people. He was brought to court several years earlier, because former members of the cult were being blackmailed by sex videos, taped in the cult. He also did not complete his obligatory military services in Turkey, because he has several official doctor’s reports saying that his mental health is not at its best.

  2. He is certainly a shady dude.

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