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Goodbye Astoria

18 January 2009

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s happened: the Astoria has seen its last gig.


The Astoria

The Astoria

Photo from carldpatterson via Creative Commons license


Goodbye, Astoria

24 December 2008

I’ve blogged several times over the last few years about the imminent destruction of that hallowed, scummy hall of rock music, the Astoria, to make way for a Crossrail station. The writing is truly on the mirrored wall now: 15 January will be its last night as a dark, Red Stripe-slinging temple of mid-size bands. Crossrail will be a good thing, but so was the Astoria.

Sadly, the nearby Metro Club will be going, too. I didn’t go there as much as I should have, but that’ll be one less venue for up-and-comers.


The Duke Spirit at the Astoria

30 September 2008

Just back from seeing The Duke Spirit at the Astoria. This was the first place I saw them play, when they opened for Elbow in early 2006. I’ve seen them several times since. They’re my favourite guitar band of the moment.

It was therefore a very familiar set tonight: all the rockin’ tunes from Cuts Across the Land and Neptune. Singer Leila Moss was all rock poses; the band started getting into it about 20 minutes in. “Love Is An Unfamiliar Name” and “Send a Little Love Token” well and truly rocked.

The sound was a bit muddy, though. I think I’ve been spoiled by good audio quality at previous shows.

The Duke SpiritPhoto from richt/tlodf via Creative Commons license