Bloggers Unite

27 February 2008

Went to my third London Bloggers Meetup last night. Like the last, it was a really good mix of different folks blogging for different reasons. There were a few repeaters, but lots of new faces, too, like James, Pete, and Cedric. Some, like Helen, had been before, but last night was the first time I’d been lucky enough to chat with her. Others, like Melanie and her friend Bonnie (a vacationing poseur, and not a blogger at all!), were just visiting the UK for a few days. Once again, Andy was a top organiser and host.

As a casual blogger, I’m glad that these meetups aren’t too focused on just one aspect of blogging, or that there’s no hard sell for any particular thing. It’s more about people-watching, and seeing what sorts of people use the format, and what they use it for. Last night I spoke to people who blog about crafts and baking, burlesque, mobile tech, London walks and history, cultural differences, local recommendations, marketing, photography, and just general interest stuff like me.


  1. Lovely meeting you yesterday… I would be delighted to here about your company induction programme to the UK life! As a little extra, here is something to remind you home: http://mountaindwellerviews.blogspot.com/2006/08/cultural-difference-from-tap.html
    Cheers mate, and see you soon.

  2. I agree yesterday was good fun – if only I could remember those Moo cards.
    best rashbre

  3. Oh dear, I just found this now…

    In a streak of vanity I Googled my blog and came across a post of Dylan’s where you said you met me, which led me here! This can only mean one thing: WordPress’ built-in trackback stats are absolute crap. Sorry about that – I would have been here AGES ago.

    Lovely to meet you, in any case 🙂

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